This stop watch tool counts seconds, minutes hours and even days to let you monitor how much your activities last with start, split and reset time. Discover an example of the calculations provided below the form.

StepStep TypeLap timeTotal time

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How does the stop watch work?

This is a tool that counts seconds, minutes, hours and even days for any kind of activity you decide to monitor the time for. It allows you to start time, stop, split and reset time.

The stop watch has four buttons, the first one you need to press when you decide to start the time count, the second one is the one you need when you want to stop it while the third one will help you if you want to mark any laps when stop-watching. The fourth and final button is the reset that takes everything from zero again.

Example of a result

  • Demonstrating the stop function:

Step Step Type Lap time Total time

0 Start --- ---

1 Stop 00:00:00.883 00:00:00.883

  • Demonstrating the split function:

Step Step Type Lap time Total time

0 Start --- ---

1 Split 00:00:02.210 00:00:02.210

2 Split 00:00:01.450 00:00:03.660

3 Split 00:00:01.707 00:00:05.367

4 Stop 00:00:03.079 00:00:08.446

How can you use a stopwatch?

In general this kind of time tool is useful for coach people, athletes, gamers or any who wants to know exactly how much time was spent doing different activities. You can use it to determine how much timeā€¦

  • Is left downloading a file;
  • You do some exercises, in order to simulate an exam;
  • You practice a certain physical exercise or sport;
  • Is left playing and achieving certain level within a game: online game or paper game;
  • You need to perform different things that require a great time management.

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