This days calculator finds out the number of days between two dates or simply time difference in minutes, hours days weeks, months or even years. Discover how the calculations are made below the form.

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How does this days calculator work?

This is a quick tool that reveals any time difference in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or even years between any two dates you input in just a few clicks.

The days calculator provides you a simple solution for you to compute time difference and you can also adapt the settings to your preference. You can choose any date in a wide range of years no matter how far the two dates are. On the other hand you can also calculate precise time difference in minutes or days from two dates.

You can also adjust your settings for the time tool to give you the number of days between two dates no matter how far those dates are. All you have to do is enter the two dates you are interested to get the date difference from and then choose the unit in which you want your results to be displayed.

What is the magic behind the form? It is a simple subtraction between any two dates you choose and then convert this difference in the time measurement scale you choose from minutes, hours, days or weeks, months or years. You can use it to find the number of days between two dates, to find the number of hours there are between two dates or as a countdown from today to a special date in your life.

Example calculation

Let’s take the calculation between January 8 2015, 07:00 and March 28 2015, 14:00. These are some of the possible result combinations:

  • When the preciseness is rounding to weeks: 2 months 7 weeks.
  • When the preciseness is rounding to days: 79 days.
  • When the preciseness is rounding to hours: 487 hours.

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