This date calculator is able to provide you the exact number of days between two dates or let’s you add or subtract time from a date. You can read more on how the two tabs work below the form.

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How does this date calculator function?

This is a simple time tool that returns the time duration between two dates in days, weeks, months and years or it can add or subtract days, weeks, months and years to/from a specific date. For each of these calculations there is a designated tab that you can use for as many times as your want and with any kinds of combinations. The first tab can also be for instance to find how many days old you are and the weekday you were born. The second tab returns the date that results after adding/subtracting the number you input as well as the day of the week of the specific date that results.

Example calculation

  • First tab (Date to Date): Let’s take for instance the difference between April 12th 2015 and December 9th 2015. The result, including the last date day as well is
    242 days
    or 34 weeks and 4.7 days
    or 8 months and 2.7 days
    or 0 years, 8 months and 2.7 days
  • Second tab (Add or Subtract): Let’s try and find out which is going to be the date, 15 days from April 18th 2015. The result is May 2, 2015 Saturday.

What is date duration?

This is the difference between two specific calendar dates, usually called as start date and end date. Other common expressions for start date are initial date or beginning date, while for the end date other common expression is final date.

What kind of time durations can be determined with this tool?

- Time until any important event you might have planned

- Determining the day of the week of your next birthday

- Countdown to Christmas, New Year’s Eve or Easter

- Countdown to Halloween or Valentine’s Day

- Number of days passed since a certain event

What are the adding and subtracting operations for time?

Adding operation is a quite popular calculation that many people do in order to find out the exact date for specific event that will take place in the future. This is made by adding a certain number of days, weeks, months or years to a chosen calendar date.

Subtracting operation is a calculation that many people do in order to find out the exact date for specific event that took place in the past.

09 Jan, 2015