This personality test by temperament helps you discover your personality type based on the four temperaments. Below the form you can read more about this subject and an example message.

Instruction: Please select all the sentences that best apply to you, from each of the four sections below:

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How does this personality test by temperament work?

This is a quick test designed to uncover your personality type based for each of the 4 temperament types described in the following lines. The personality test has 40 short statements, organized in 4 sections from which users are invited to choose as many statements as they want. Each person is considered to possess a unique blend of the temperaments types and you can now see which is yours by assessing some simple characteristics of your day to day behavior. Please note that the above tool was created for general education and entertainment purposes only.

Example of a result

You are:
- 52.36% Concrete and adaptable;
- 21.84% Concrete and organized;
- 34.15% Abstract and compassionate;
- 8.37% Abstract and objective.


... is how we define the manner of thinking, behaving and reacting of a person. That is why the temperament assessment is helpful when trying to define one’s personality type.

Concrete and adaptable people

... frequently seek stimulation in order to achieve something. They are concerned about virtuosity when performing any job or different daily activities. They make things with pleasure only if what they make have an impact, while they make things with a lot of tactics. These people are constantly concerned about improving things in their life and for people around them, and they excel in using different tools, or in managing in an efficient way different instruments or equipments. They are also very open and flexible persons and they can accept and handle chances easily compared to the concrete and organized people. If the test returns a higher percentage that means this is the dominant temperament, while a smaller percentage means that the concrete and adaptable is a secondary temperament in your case.

Concrete and organized people

... seek security and they are frequently feeling that they need to belong to a certain group. Concrete and organized people are concerned about their responsibility and duty, while being concerned to organize things in details. They excel in offering support to other, but they dislike working with no predefined targets. People dominated by this dislike when they need to change their plans, because they are not that flexible people. They like settling rules and procedures such way the things to be clear. If the form returns a higher percentage that means the concrete and organized temperament is the dominant one, while a smaller percentage means that this is of secondary importance in your behavior.

Abstract and compassionate people

... seek the meaning of the things they feel important for their life. They are frequently worried by the significance of the things rather than any other matter. Abstract and compassionate people are concerned about their personal growth, while trying to find their own identity. These people react with diplomacy, have the tendency to clarify every situation and usually they try to mediate conflicts. People having this personality type frequently inspire people around them and are concerned by the big picture of the things than any other matter. They try to make plans for a long term because they like to play with their vision about future. They tend to use qualitative facts to make decisions rather than quantitative facts. If the result returns a higher percentage that means the abstract and compassionate is the dominant temperament in your case.

Abstract and organized people

... seek cognition and self control, while they are permanently concerned to gain more knowledge and to grow their competencies. They excel in establishing the right strategic plans and in coordinating people or different groups or plans. They tend to use quantitative facts to make decisions rather than qualitative facts. If the personality test returns a higher percentage that means the abstract and organized temperament is dominant, while a smaller percentage means that the abstract and organized is not a dominant temperament.

05 Feb, 2015