This permutation calculator calculates the number of possible ways of obtaining/rearranging an ordered subset of r members from a larger set of n members. There is more information about the formula used below the tool.

Larger set (n):*
Ordered subset (r):*

How does this permutation calculator work?

This tool computes the number of possible ways of permuting an ordered subset of r items from a larger set of n items.

The algorithm of this permutation calculator is based on this formula:

P(n ; r) = n! / (n - r)!


P = number of permutations

n = the larger set of elements

r = the subset of elements.

Permutation definition

In mathematics, the concept of permutation defines the rearranging or permuting of all the members of a data set (n) into some order (r). For instance if the data set consists of (r) 10 numbers and we need to see the number of permutations of ordered subset of 5 numbers (r) it will result 30,240 permutations.

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