This cost calculator for smoke free helps you get an idea how much you could save if you would stop smoking based on your habits. Below the form you can read more on this subject and also discover an example calculation.

Cost of a packet of 20 cigarettes:*
No. of cigarettes you smoke per day:*

How does this cost calculator for smoke free work?

This is an useful tool that will demonstrate you how much money you could save by giving up smoking. It

requires you to input the cost for a packet of 20 cigarettes and the average number of cigarettes you use to smoke on a daily basis so it can have an insight in your smoking habits.

Once you press calculate the cost calculator for smoke free will reveal the possible savings.

Calculation for savings scenarios:

  • Savings per day = (Cost of a packet of 20 cigarettes/20)*No. of cigarettes you smoke per day.
  • Savings per week = Savings per day * 7
  • Savings per month = Savings per day * 30
  • Savings per year = Savings per month * 12
  • Savings in 5 years = Savings per year * 5
  • Savings in 10 years = Savings per year * 10
  • Savings in 15 years = Savings per year * 15
  • Savings in 20 years = Savings per year * 20
  • Savings in 25 years = Savings per year * 25

Example calculation:

For the case of an individual smoking about 7 cigarettes per day at a cost of the packet of 56 units, the following table reveals the money saved:

Savings type Monetary units amount
Day 19.60
Week 137.20
Month 588.00
Year 7,154.00
5 years 35,770.00
10 years 71,540.00
15 years 107,310.00
20 years 143,080.00
25 years 178,850.00

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