This height predictor estimates the height of your baby when he or she grows up according to the parent’s heights and data tables. You can read more on this subject and discover the formulas used below the form.

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How does this height predictor work?

This is a quick estimation tool that can offer you an insight into the height your baby will have when they grow up. Of course, people have been curious about such things for ages and it was a constant belief that we should look at the parents’ heights to approximate how tall the child will be.

But this height predictor takes things to a different level by using an algorithm that requires the child's gender, age, height and weight as well as on mother's and father's heights.

You can input these measurements in either English or metric and you can make as many calculations as you like. Be advised that the result will be delivered in the same unit. However the result can be easily converted in any units with this height converter.

The formula was deducted from statistical data and can not take account of any genetics and environmental factors that can affect child's height so this estimate should be regarded with caution.

There is no method to determine child's height that can assure 100% accuracy, but for general information purposes these are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Add the two parents’ heights in either inches or centimeters;

Step 2: To the value obtained above (step 1) add 5 inches (13 centimeters) in case of boys OR subtract 5 inches (13 centimeters) in case of girls;

Step 3: Divide the value obtained above (step 2) by two. This is the estimated child’s adult height.

Statistical data proved that by the time they grow up, most of the kids will reach an adult height similar to the estimate above within a range of +/- 4 inches (10 centimeters).

Please remember that there is no method with 100% accuracy that is why the safest way to find whether there is something wrong or not with your child’s height is to consult a medical professional.

Example calculations

■ Using the English tab for an example with a girl aged 5 with a height of 42in and weight of 40lbs while her mother is 5ft 6in and her father is 6ft 3in. The estimated height is 5ft 4in.

■ Using the Metric tab for an example with a boy aged 6 with a height of 108cm and weight of 21kg while his mother is 173cm and his father is 185cm. The estimated height is 174cm.

What factors influence child’s growth?

■ Person’s genetics – studies have shown that the percentage that the genetics influences a child’s height vary from 60% to 80%.

■ Nutrition – bad nutrition can influence in a negative way child’s growth while good nutrition can stimulate children grow up;

■ Health general conditions;

■ Sports activities level – it is known that certain sports help children grow taller while sport in general can support with a right development.

■ Environmental factors – it is believed that these factors account for 20-40% influence in child height while the rest is represented by genetic factors.


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